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This is a community for graphics! Banners, icons, and layouts from justa bout anything!
This community was created by two girls who decided to make a community one day while walking home from school one day because one of those girls had a friend who was complaining about her spamming up her friend's page with icons and other things. So these two girls who loved making icons and loved livejournal came up with Radio_Rainbows... a beautiful child conceived from the passionate adoration of their fandoms. The child was named Radio_Rainbows, because the mother's of this baby went by those names... sort of... Radio was originally named "Rajio" but Rainbows (short for Rainbows+Unicorns) thought that Rajio was too Weeaboo and sad. So it became Radio_Rainbows. And All was right in the world.


1. Credit either strifynn or mecchayumyum (who ever it was who made the graphic) @ radio_rainbows
2. Leave comments saying what icons you are snagging in that post.
3. Let's all be nice and have warm fuzzy feelings for everyone.
4. Only request things on the requests posts.
5. Rules are subject to change.


none as of yet!